Katahdin Hair Sheep

At the 7B, we are passionate about our Katahdin Sheep, a breed renowned for its adaptability, exceptional meat, and the promise of future dairy endeavors. Our Katahdin flock, which thrives on a diet of lush pasture, offers an unparalleled taste experience.

Katahdin Sheep, known for their unique qualities, are the heartbeat of our operation. Raised entirely on grass, our Katahdin Sheep develop a distinct and savory flavor in their meat that is unlike any other. Notably, Katahdin Sheep are a breed that doesn't produce lanolin, thanks to their absence of wool. This remarkable feature contributes to exceptionally clean and mutton-flavor-free meat.

But what sets Katahdin Sheep apart is not just their flavor; it's their versatile nature. This breed is highly prized for both its quality meat and milk. While we currently offer cuts and whole lambs, we have future aspirations to expand into cheese production, tapping into the exceptional milk that Katahdin Sheep provide.

We are also pleased to offer Katahdin breeding stock, allowing others to experience the remarkable qualities of this breed. Known for their hardiness and low maintenance requirements, Katahdin Sheep are an excellent choice for both experienced farmers and newcomers to the world of sheep farming.

Explore our website to learn more about the Katahdin breed, the fine cuts of meat we provide, and the opportunities to incorporate this exceptional breed into your farming endeavors. Join us in our journey to celebrate Katahdin Sheep's quality, versatility, and their unique advantage in producing exceptionally clean, mutton-flavor-free meat.