Creamery @ the 7B

Our journey at 7B Farmstead Creamery began over 17 years ago when, at just 21, we started crafting raw milk cheeses with a vision and a Dexter cow. It's been a labor of love, dedication, and countless hours of perfecting our craft to bring you the exceptional quality of cheeses we offer today.

After years of experience in running a raw milk dairy in North Idaho, we embarked on a new adventure in the Bitterroot region, seeking the perfect land to fulfill our dream. With our temporary creamery in place, we're thrilled to share our passion for cheese-making with you and eagerly anticipate expanding and offering a wider array of cheeses and raw dairy products.

Our creamery is a haven for cheese enthusiasts. We produce a range of aged cheeses, including Gouda, cheddar, Havarti, Parmesan, and more. Each of our aged cheeses is a testament to the meticulous care and time invested to achieve a truly unique and flavorful product.

But that's not all - we also craft fresh cheeses that are bursting with the essence of our farm. Our hand-pulled mozzarella and Fromage Blanc are a delight for those who savor the freshness of artisanal cheese.

Among our offerings, our most popular cheeses are labneh and feta. Their exceptional flavors have made them favorites among our customers.

To complement our cheese selection, we offer an assortment of beverages and dairy products. Our chocolate milk, coffee drinks, coffee creamers, and Kefir are carefully selected to pair perfectly with our cheeses and enhance your dining experience.

Explore our creamery to indulge in the rich flavors and traditions of artisanal cheese-making. As we expand and grow, we look forward to sharing even more of our passion and products with you. Join us on this cheese-filled journey, and experience the exceptional quality that is 7B Farmstead Creamery.