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Welcome to Our Jersey Cows and Cheese-Making

At the 7B, we take pride in our exceptional Jersey cows and the outstanding cheese we craft from their rich, creamy milk. Our herd of Jersey cows is more than just livestock; they are a part of our family. With their beautiful, doe eyes and gentle dispositions, our registered Jersey cows are at the heart of our dairy operation.

Jersey cows are renowned for producing some of the best milk for cheese-making. Their milk is exceptionally high in butterfat and protein, which are essential for creating the rich and flavorful cheeses we offer. Our dedication to breeding and maintaining top-quality Jersey bloodlines ensures that our cows consistently produce milk of the highest quality.

But we don't stop at making cheese....

 We also offer select breeding stock from our cherished Registered Jersey herd. 

 Join us in celebrating the beauty and the delicious potential of Jersey cows and their extraordinary milk.